Zondo must take strict action against Zuma: He is not above the law

Die Redaksie

Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo must take strict action against former President Jacob Zuma who today left a session of the Zondo Commission without permission.

Zuma is not above the law and he has no right to act in contempt of the Commission just because he is not satisfied with Judge Zondo's decision not to recuse himself from serving as chairperson of the Commission.

A strong message must also be sent to those who must still appear and testify before the Commission that corruption will not be tolerated.

Anyone who is subpoenaed to appear before the Commission must comply, otherwise, they will be liable to prosecution.

Thus, strict action must be taken against Zuma and others who refuse to testify.

Zuma has said many times that he wants his day in court to prove his innocence. But now he is not even willing to appear before a commission of inquiry.


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