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FF Plus welcomes reduction of interest rate, particular amid corona crisis

Die Redaksie

In light of the stranglehold that the corona pandemic has on the South African economy, which was already in a serious crisis, the FF Plus welcomes the Reserve Bank's announcement that the interest rate will be reduced by one percentage point.

The reduction alone, however, does not offer... Read more

Corona: Public can help to limit damage

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The coronavirus is a common enemy threatening all South Africans and we should, therefore, join hands to limit the damage it could do.

The FF Plus welcomes the open and honest way in which the government discussed the domestic extent of the coronavirus pandemic with opposition parties. It shows... Read more

FF Plus honours the role that British Settlers played in the development of South Africa

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Today, 17 March 2020, marks the 200th commemoration of the arrival of the first of approximately 4000 British settlers in South Africa and the FF Plus wants to pay tribute to the role that they played in the development of the country.

In 1819, the British government received more than 90 000... Read more

FF Plus welcomes decision to cut short parliamentary session

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The Freedom Front Plus welcomes the decision by the parliamentary chief whips’ forum on Tuesday to cut short the parliamentary session in line with the measures outlined by President Cyril Ramaphosa to contain the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19).

All non-essential gatherings of more than ... Read more

FF Plus welcomes measures to combat Coronavirus; calls on all South Africans to cooperate

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The FF Plus welcomes the measures that President Cyril Ramaphosa announced today to combat the spread of the Coronavirus in South Africa and calls on all South Africans to stand together in the face of a disease that could have disastrous consequences for the country and the world.

The ban on... Read more

Koronavirus: Kabinet moet stappe neem oor sportbyeenkomste en oop grense

Die Redaksie

"Die VF Plus is nog steeds van mening dat die Suid-Afrikaanse regering stappe sal moet neem om Suid-Afrikaners teen die koronavirus te beskerm deur alle sportbyeenkomste tydelik te kanselleer en om die sluiting van die land se grense te oorweeg," sê Philip van Staden, VF Plus-LP en... Read more

Disability: Focus on ability rather than disability

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The FF Plus recently participated in the debate on the report issued by the South African Human Rights Commission on the 'Status of Children with Disabilities in South Africa.' The report focused specifically on children with severe intellectual disabilities.

The FF Plus's standpoint with regard... Read more

Hoër onderwys ‘n weergawe van die situasie in Suid-Afrika

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"Die departement van hoër onderwys se kwartaalverslag van 2019 is 'n mikroweergawe van die toestand van Suid-Afrika as geheel," sê dr. Wynand Boshoff, VF Plus-LP en hoofwoordvoerder van hoër onderwys.

"Verskeie beplande uitsette in hierdie periode (April tot Julie), is nie behaal... Read more

South Africans are overtaxed whilst being underwhelmed by service delivery

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South Africa is being pushed closer and closer to a fiscal cliff through the economic crisis created by the African National Congress’s (ANC) economic mismanagement, looting and corruption. In the process South Africans are overtaxed whilst being underwhelmed by service delivery.

The massive ... Read more

VF Plus spreek UNPO toe oor probleme in Suid-Afrika soos onteiening sonder vergoeding

Die Redaksie

Wouter Wessels, VF Plus-LP, het die afgelope naweek vergaderings van die Onverteenwoordigde Nasies en Volkere Organisasie (UNPO) in Washington DC in Amerika, bygewoon om die organisasie in te lig oor probleme rakende veral minderhede in Suid-Afrika.

Hy het onder meer die beplande wysiging van die... Read more

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