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Cele must stop making up excuses for not arresting Zuma and not taking any action against those who violated Covid-19 regulations

Die Redaksie

The Minister of Police, Bheki Cele, must stop making excuses and must do his job by seeing to it that former President Jacob Zuma is arrested. Zuma is not above the law and cannot insist on preferential treatment.

The events that transpired at the weekend – a large crowd gathered at Nkandla... Read more

Zuma-vonnis ‘n oorwinning vir grondwetlike demokrasie

Die Redaksie

Today's ruling by the Constitutional Court in which former President Jacob Zuma was sentenced to, among other things, 15 months of imprisonment for contempt of court is a true victory for constitutional democracy in South Africa.

The FF Plus welcomes the Constitutional Court's ruling and endorses... Read more

Covid-19: Government to blame for third wave of infections

Die Redaksie

The ANC government must accept full responsibility for the latest wave of Covid-19 infections and for the fact that the health care system is still not ready for the pandemic even though it has had a year to prepare.

The aim of the first restrictions that were imposed early last year was to allow... Read more

Chaotic state of police’s central firearms registry demonstrates why progress with applications is so slow

Die Redaksie

The chaotic and disorderly state of the police's central firearms registry demonstrates why the progress with applications for firearm licences and competency certificates is so slow and has basically ground to a halt. (Photos attached herewith.)

The police service itself has indicated that the... Read more

Impact of serious backlog with DNA tests and rise in serious crime are alarming

Die Redaksie

The country's crime statistics for the first three months of the year, announced by the Minister of Police, Bheki Cele, this morning, do not carry much weight seeing as the serious backlog with DNA tests in the police service greatly hamper convictions and, thus, lets victims down.

Although the... Read more

ANC-regering kies kant van terrorisme in Israel-Palestina-konflik en moet die soewereiniteit van Israel eerbied

Die Redaksie

"Die ANC-regering het nog nooit ‘n geheim gemaak van sy vyandigheid teenoor Israel nie en kies nou weer die kant van terrorisme in die Israel/Palestynse konflik. Dit is tyd dat die ANC Israel se soewereiniteit eerbiedig," sê dr. Corné Mulder, VF Plus-hoofsweep... Read more

Agterstand met DNS-toetse kan net erger raak

Die Redaksie

"Die agterstand met misdaadverwante DNS-toetse in die polisie het in Februarie vanjaar reeds op 172 787 gestaan en die probleem kan vererger weens ʼn regsgeding oor die intellektuele besitreg van die stelsel wat met die DNS-toetsing gebruik word," sê dr. Pieter Groenewald, leier van die VF... Read more

Parliamentary Committee on Cooperative Governance pays visit to Vryburg sewage plant on FF Plus’s insistence

Die Redaksie

Yesterday during an oversight visit to the Ruth Mompati District Municipality, the Parliamentary Committee on Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (COGTA) paid a visit to the Vryburg sewage plant after the FF Plus insisted on it.

The visit once again shone the spotlight on the terrible... Read more

Proposed hikes in municipal power tariffs will put households and businesses under unbearable pressure

Die Redaksie

The implementation of the recently proposed tariff hikes for power, which comes into effect on the 1st of July 2021 at municipalities, is unsustainable and does municipal residents an injustice. The compound inflation-related increases, as budgeted for by municipalities, together with the announced ... Read more

Ramaphosa giving evidence before Zondo: Fraud under the smokescreen of BEE must be exposed

Die Redaksie

President Cyril Ramaphosa's recent testimony about cadre deployment before the Zondo Commission confirms the FF Plus's long-held stance that Affirmative Action (AA) is unacceptable and must be abolished.

AA is not based on merit and the only way to turn the public service around is to make merit... Read more

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