Consumer Commission’s investigation into irregularities at holiday clubs in SA nearly completed

Adv Anton Alberts

An investigation into unlawful and unfair practices in the holiday club industry which was undertaken by the consumer commission in the last couple of months upon the insistence of the Freedom Front Plus has nearly been completed.

According to Adv. Anton Alberts, the FF Plus’ parliamentary spokesperson on trade and industry, Mrs. Prudence Moilwa, the chief of the investigation unit, informed him in writing today that the investigation, in which focus was placed on time-share, will in all probability be finalised by the end of next month.

The investigation has a long run-up of allegations of irregularities and unethical actions. Adv. Alberts initiated it and driven the issue after the media had reported on it and hundreds of dissatisfied club members from across the country had approached the FF Plus for assistance.

The investigation which followed included 41 of the country’s most prominent holiday clubs.

“The FF Plus is also delighted to see that the holiday club industry is concerned about the manner in which the industry has been controlled and managed to date and wishes to make recommendations itself.

“Hopefully it will bring further solutions for club members. If not, the consumer commission will have to force certain solutions on the industry according to the Consumer Protection Act.

“It will in all probability lead to drastic legislative amendments to stop unlawful and unfair practices in the industry.

“This success is proof that issues of common interest, especially where people do not receive value for their money can be dealt with effectively by the FF Plus,” Alberts said.

According to Moilwa, the businesses which had been investigated have asked for a period of two months –September and October – for consultations in an attempt to find solutions themselves for problem areas which had come to the fore during the investigation and to look for ways to improve their business model themselves.

The investigation team will be considering these proposals before the investigation is concluded, Moilwa’s letter reads.

Some of the issues which had been investigated include:


  1. The inability of members to gain access to facilities as there is a restricted pool of facilities available;
  2. Misleading advertisements and misrepresentation during presentations of the products;
  3. Unfair contractual terms; and
  4. Prohibiting the cancelling of the contracts and the consequent eternal nature thereof.


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