Expropriation without compensation a one-way track to South Africa’s destruction

Dr Pieter Groenewald

The ANC's motion to establish a parliamentary ad-hoc committee to make the final arrangements regarding legislation that will make expropriation without compensation possible should actually read: "A motion for how to destroy South Africa and its economy".

It will place the country on a one-way track that is headed straight for disaster, just like what happened in Zimbabwe.

When it comes to the issue of land, there are indeed fundamental differences between the ANC and the EFF. The ANC is trying to create the impression with the people that they want to implement expropriation without compensation in order to give more people access to land. And that the process will comply with certain strict requirements.

The EFF is blatantly honest. The party sees the issue as an ideological matter and the EFF makes it very clear that it wants to take all the land by nationalising it.

The end result will be the same. The statements made by the ANC and the EFF remind one of the Afrikaans saying about two cats making a noise, but you cannot determine whether they are courting or fighting.

The FF Plus wants to reiterate that the process of amending the Constitution to make expropriation without compensation possible is inherently flawed. The FF Plus will, thus, ensure that the correct legal processes are followed if the ANC does indeed want to amend the Constitution by means of legal processes.

There are still people who are under the impression that it is only agricultural land that is at stake here. Section 25 of the Constitution clearly states that property is not limited to land. It includes movable and intellectual property.

The people of South Africa need to understand that expropriation without compensation will seriously jeopardise the future of South Africa and they will have to voice their misgivings about this.

The FF Plus condemns it and will do everything in its power to prevent any amendments to the Constitution that will make expropriation without compensation possible.

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