Farm murder follows livestock theft: Farmers must prioritise safety

Rochelle Robbetze

It came to the FF Plus's attention that a farmer from Helpmekaar near Dundee in KwaZulu Natal was murdered last week after livestock was allegedly stolen from him earlier that same day.

Mr Collin Leslie Brits (65) from the farm Criagmillar in the Elandskraal region was attacked and shot dead in his farmhouse while he was making coffee. Earlier that day, he and his farm workers had been out searching for cattle that were presumably stolen.

The FF Plus strongly condemns the incident and is once again calling on farmers to be prepared at all times and to prioritise their own safety.

Join local safety networks in your area and be extra careful when you hear of criminal activities, like robbery and livestock theft, in the area. The FF Plus herewith also expresses its deepest condolences to Mr Brits's family and friends.

Contact details: 079 509 9067




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