FF Plus demands answers after second outbreak of cat flu at Roodeplaat’s canine unit

Kobus Hoffman

The Roodeplaat canine unit's failure to ensure that the animals in its care are frequently vaccinated against the lethal and highly contagious parvovirus, more commonly known as cat flu, is inexcusable.

This is the second outbreak of the disease at the unit in a single year and apparently a shortage of vaccines is to blame. Essential equipment that is not functioning properly makes matters worse and hampers the treatment of the sick animals.

The FF Plus also has questions about the unit's breeding programme due to the breeding processes (inbreeding) that are followed.

The party will ask the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) to pay a visit to the unit and make recommendations for improving the breeding processes and general care of the animals.

The South African Veterinary Council will also be asked to support the Roodeplaat canine unit and to make submissions in order to ensure that the prescribed processes are followed.

The FF Plus will soon pay an oversight visit to the unit to identify and discuss the problems experienced at the unit.

Contact details: 071 640 7283


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