FF Plus leader elected to executive committee of UNPO

Dr Pieter Groenewald

The leader of the FF Plus, dr. Pieter Groenewald, was elected as the representative for the Afrikaner nation in the executive committee of UNPO (Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation) earlier today. UNPO is the international body for the promotion of minority group rights.

The party’s former leader, dr. Pieter Mulder, was also a member of the executive committee of UNPO.

Dr. Groenewald, who was elected to the executive committee during the thirteenth General Assembly of UNPO in Edinburgh, Scotland, said that he considers it a great honour and privilege seeing as UNPO in an umbrella organisation that represents groups from right across the world, including places like Tibet and Taiwan.

A resolution detailing the dismantling of the country’s economy by the ANC-government, corruption, the abuse of power, the marginalisation of minority groups, racial polarisation and the fate of the farming community in South Africa was presented by dr. Groenewald and was subsequently passed during the conference.

According to dr. Groenewald, the fact that his resolution was passed is a clear indication that the ANC’s reputation is on the wane and that the international community is seeing the fate of the Afrikaner and other minority groups in South Africa in a new light.

“It is important that the world is continually informed and that they take careful note of the situation in South Africa, including the human rights violations and other transgressions by the ANC-government.

“That is why it is of the utmost importance that the Afrikaner is represented and has the chance to make its voice heard in the international arena through an organisation like UNPO,” says dr. Groenewald.

At present, UNPO has more than a hundred and fifty members that represent hundreds of millions of people worldwide.


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