Hero of Transnet pensioners dies prematurely

Adv Anton Alberts

The FF Plus has with great sadness taken note of the passing away on Wednesday afternoon of Mr. Pieter van Rensburg, chief organiser of Transnet’s pensioners and firebrand leader in the struggle against Transnet and the government. He died due to complications resulting from an ulcer.

Adv. Anton Alberts, the FF Plus’ Parliamentary spokesperson on Transport says the FF Plus honours Van Rensburg who offered guidance in the struggle of impoverished pensioners against the injustice that Transnet and the government had perpetrated against them through the stripping of their pension funds over the years.

“Van Rensburg’s death was a directly caused by Transnet, its executive head Brian Molefe, as well as the government’s casual attitude toward the suffering of the Transnet pensioners. He himself had suffered and had a lot of pressure due to the leading role which he had played in the ongoing struggle.

“We believe Transnet will pay for their actions in the court case on 21 and 22 July and the subsequent criminal charges that the FF Plus and the pensioners will be submitting against persons involved in this saga, such as Transnet’s leadership and some of the trustees of the Transnet pension funds.

“Mere weeks ago, Molefe said that the pensioners do not deserve a better life as they were previously advantaged people. He also threatened them after a march to the Union Buildings by saying that if they want to take the revolution to the streets he will be ready for them.

“Molefe will in due course be finding out what it is like when justice prevails and he is personally held responsible for the passing away of the pensioners as well as for the offending words and threats.

“We salute Pieter van Rensburg and give him all the honour for his brave actions on behalf of his people,” Adv. Alberts says.


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