Selebi and medical parole

Dr Pieter Groenewald

Jackie Selebi’s shopping spree this weekend makes a mockery of parole and undermines the criminal justice system in South Africa. Medical parole is being used as a political instrument to get loyal ANC supporters out of jail. The message is that if one has the right political connections, one can commit crimes and if you are sent to jail it will only be temporarily because there will be a loop hole to get out of jail early on medical parole. Selebi is now the third case, apart from Schabir Shaik and Tony Yengeni, who as ANC members, have received special preference with medical parole. This is in contrast to Clive Derby-Lewis who is actually really ill and is suffering from cancer, but has not been granted medical parole. This is yet another stain on Correctional Services’ name and makes a mockery of medical parole,” Dr. Pieter Groenewald, the FF Plus’ chief spokesperson on Correctional Services says.

“It is also clear that Selebi is living a luxurious life, this while he owes taxpayers R17,4 million for legal fees. This debt has been outstanding for a long time and should be paid back with interest by Selebi. If he cannot pay it back, he should be declared insolvent and his assets should be seized,” Groenewald said.

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