Unlawful stipulation regarding prepared food replaced by an irrational stipulation

Jaco Mulder

Today with the announcement of the amendments to the lockdown regulations, the Minister of Cooperative Governance (COGTA), Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, explicitly prohibited the sale of warm or prepared food during the period of lockdown and in so doing, replaced an unlawful stipulation with an irrational stipulation.

The FF Plus laments the fact that the Minister probably only tried to keep the Minister of Trade and Industry from being legally liable after the FF Plus and other institutions asked the Minister to rectify the initial mistake.

Before the amendment, there was, in legal terms, no stipulation in the lockdown regulations that made provision for the exclusion of any category of food products.

This irrational decision may even prevent the preparation and distribution of essential food products to the needy.

The FF Plus will hold the Minister accountable. The matter must be remedied.

Contact details: 082 466 3786 / 062 391 1804‪‪


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